The history of Ben & Brothers.

Passionate about Art and mechanics in particular related to the field of watchmaking Ben born in Haut-Doubs, cradle of French watchmaking. He was very quickly attracted by museums and especially cabinets of curiosities, timeless places that allow you to travel through exceptional creations.

He began to take an interest in watchmaking and precision mechanics influenced by the elders of his family. It is a real revelation for him.

He devoted himself entirely to watchmaking work and produced a whole series of complicated timepieces. His manual skill, his meticulousness and his seriousness coupled with the reasoned application of the principles of mechanics push him to embellish his timepieces and automaton. They quickly attract the attention of wealthy and demanding collectors.


Ben & Bros. makes it a point of honor to develop its Art Workshops to perpetuate the ancestral know-how dear to the brand. Paying homage to these meticulous craftsmen, leatherworkers, the work of sculpture and engraving is highlighted on certain exceptional pieces from the Ben & Bros. collection. This is how exclusive pieces are born in the hands of craftsmen, each made with meticulousness and delicacy. A unique know-how is exercised from the development of new projects to the aesthetic finishes which adorn contemporary works of art and which testify to their distinction.


Own a Ben & Bros. Artpiece, it is to embody this story that is continued today by the unique work of the Company's creators, artisans and watchmakers. But it is also telling a second story, unique to each of these exceptional pieces.

Ben & Bros. has created an identity through its history, its works, its encounters. With each new creation, the Ben & Bros. became more and more recognizable by distinctive signs, codes, which we find today at the heart of the brand's DNA: the automatons, the Art Workshops, the emotion created by each of the creations.

Iconic know-how (Heart-made)

Continuing the ancestral tradition of fine decoration by Ben & Bros., accompanying it over time and making it contemporary, such is the challenge taken up by the craftsmen of our Company.

When we talk about craftsmanship, we often talk about heritage. A know-how that is passed on from generation to generation, a guarantee of authenticity. In the leather goods trades, the skin is selected with tact, the leather is cut, the pieces are assembled and the details are refined until you obtain a trunk without irregularities. Hours of work that seeks ancestral know-how to deliver an exceptional piece.

Pierre, Leather Craftsman

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